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Iranian carpet

original iranian hand made carpet

1- Choose your favorite rug in the website iranian-carpet.com

2- Contact us and make sure of the existence of the item

3- After payment confirmation item will be sent to you

hand made rugs mending and repaire

in the case of any damage / disrepair or decay:

1- let us know about the problem contact with us

2- our supportive stuff would guide you and give you practical advice

3- if the problem was serious and drastic our support service would tell you how to send the item to us and we will repair the item and finally we will send it back to you WARNING:

since hand made rugs are so precious and sensitive do not take any action be for any consultation

Html.Raw(<h1><strong><span style="color:#c0392b">delivery deadline&nbsp;</span></strong></h1> <p>The item will be sent to you after payment confirmation and within 7-14 working days . The charge of transmission is on you.</p> <p>The item will be sent by airplane</p> )

Clean hand woven carpets

for cleaning tea or coffee spot at first as soon as possible and at moment puck up a spoon and gather the liquid and remove it from the surface ,

then pour sour yogurt on that place and wait up to 5 minutes and then remove yogurt with a piece of texture note:

if there was not any sour yogurt available pick up a semi-wet texture and start cleaning the spot with that and after awhile make a mixture of water and powder laundry detergent and start cleaning the spot with a brush strongly

The difference between the Iranian carpet and from each other country

Iranian hand made carpet is considering as one of the best carpets all the world over.

It is not easy to understand about the quality of the carpet easily because countries like India Afghanestan and Pakistan and CHain are trying to make rugs like Iranian hand made ones but they couldn’t yet.

They just made semi ones with much lower quality.The pattern and shape of Iranian rugs is different from each other based on the city which they have been made in and they are too prime and fine-knotted to be simply copied and on the other hand the stability of the colors is one of the most highlighted exclusivity.To have a nice purchase it is better to buy your favorite color from Iran and get the guarantee of your purchased item

Amini carpet

amini carpet with a century reputation in the field of Iranian hand made carpets is among the most famous brands in Iran. Despite of our all-out effort due to sanctions and current serious economical and political problems we couldn't get an international business permission or a logo. Contrary to the fact that this situation imposes numerous arduous restrictions we have addressed before , a well-known store with legal license which is referable and valid records and we have the honor to say that in spite off all these difficulties we have already export enormous rugs to the whole world over and to do this we got the legal permission from Iran government and you can see some of them by tapping on the link below and besides you can visit Iran trade union website to make inquiries our validity

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