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Amini carpets history

Amini carpet store has been establish in one of the domestic areas of Isfahan in 1952 by Mr.Hosein Amini. In 1972 they had opened their first store in an aboriginal area of Isfahan called Ahmad Abad in order to be in contact with their dear customer directly. In 1986 he with his two sons Mahmmoud and Asghar Amini had opened their second branch in Ahmad abad square and had extended his business to export numerous carpet orders to countries. overseas. In 2002 the founder ( Haj Hosein Amini) died and 3 years later Amini Carpet store had been moved into naqsh-e-jahan square and the management of the store has been performing by Masoud and Alireza Amini (Haj Mahmoud’s sons). These two brother despite of all sanctions and difficulties succeeded to maintain their international identity and keep their relationship with European and Asian countries.Today,we have the honor to say that we try our level best to provide our dear customers with the best services and introduce Iranian carpet to the countries all the world over.

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