Iran Isfahan hand made carpet

this carpet hand woven with 70% fluff and 30% silk in the Isfahan. this carpet without midline design. In Iran, this model of carpet is called without bergamot (Toranj) or the wrong model (GHalat) and this is an old carpet design.


Persian with its extensive land has included numerous provinces.Each province has its own way of living,language and dialect. In terms of art and hand made carpets every single place has its own special style of rug's weaving.In fact, the most various high quality carpets all the world over are Iranian.


Isfahan hand made carpet is one of the lush Persian carpets and to weave the carpet long-established sophisticated techniques are employed which have been woven with elegance and the most common materials for it are fluff and silk

THIS ISFAHAN RUG IS NOUN AS 1KHEFT CARPET the pattern animal garden